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about alpacas
about alpaca fleece
Are you ready for Livestock?
Preparing for disaster

About us

Photos of an alpaca birth

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Odds and Ends

Linda Bolewicz
Hillsboro OR
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EasyGo Farm
Hillsboro OR
Photos of our farm
Life lessons from the alpacas ~
Take time to ea...,
uh, smell the flowers.
When you're tired, take a nap.
If you don't know the words,
it's ok to hum.
Be flexible.
Tell Mom you love her.
Stay in touch with friends.
Two's company -
three's a herd.
Please do not reproduce these photos without permission.
David Bardes is a professional photographer; many
of his shots are one minute exposures.

These are some of his photos at our farm for a
'Springtime in Washington County' project.

See more of his photos on his Facebook page.
...like someone left the gate open.
...and from the sheep.
Obi, ready to welcome visitors.
Down the driveway to enjoy the grass.
Photographer tries to work around curious Spangle.