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An Alpaca Birth
1. First-time mother Mira
has been looking
uncomfortable all morning
- restless, alternately
walking and lying down.
Finally she started
pushing, and soon a foot

2. Nose and toes appear
- perfect. The head is
curved down, the top
foot is beside the left ear.
3. A pause in labor is common;
Mira gets up and takes a walk.
5. Labor restarts, and things happen fast.
6. The new cria doesn't look very good at all...
7. ...but she just needs to get some starch in her legs.
8. The happy ending.
Everyone is very interested in the
arrival of a new herd member.
I was used to lambs presenting in a very organized
manner - nose resting on top of toes.
Alpacas...it looks totally twisted, but it all works out.
One little nose,
two little toes;
That's the way it usually goes
Thanks to Jeff Merrifield for these lines.
4. I get impatient and try repositioning
the cria - sometimes the shoulders get
stuck, and rotating the cria a little bit
can help get things moving again.
But not in this case. I just have to wait.
Please do not reproduce these photos without permission.