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Pet Alpacas?

We sometimes talk about "pet alpacas",
but as cuddly as they seem, they are not
really pets in the same sense as a dog is
a pet.

Most of them don't like to be petted or even
touched. There are exceptions, but you
should be very wary of a 'friendly' young
male. When he becomes an adult, he may
not understand the difference between
humans and alpacas - he may treat you as
another young male, which means
pushing, chest butting, or even biting.

It's important that your alpaca respects your
space and comes only as close as is
respectful. This doesn't mean you have to
go in for heavy-handed dominance,

It also does not mean that you have to be
wary around adult males, as you must be
with stallions, rams, bucks, or bulls. I can
walk up to my male alpacas,
while they are
breeding, put my arm around their necks,
and pull them away.

Alpacas' major defense is running away; if
they're very angry, they will spit; they may
kick, especially if they're surprised from
behind; they may bite each other. But it's
very unusual for them to do any damage to
a human.

It's easy to halter train them. With further
training, you can put them through an
obstacle course; you can even teach them
"tricks" like putting trash into a waste can
or fetching their halters.

A good resource on training, handling, and
overcoming problems is Marty McGee
Bennett's book and website

Other sources of info are:

Alpaca Academy

OSU (Oregon) Extension Service
Clackamas County, 503-655-8635.
Washington County, 503-725-2110.
4-H in Oregon

NCAT Sustainable Agricultural Project
Resources for starting a fiber animal
Alpacas need

Shelter - a 3 or 3½ sided run-in shed is
fine in most climates, though the humans
will be happier working in a barn.

Space - enough room to take a run and
stretch their legs.

Good fences - secure enough to keep
dogs, coyotes, and other predators out; it's
not as hard to keep the alpacas in (as
long as you remember to close the gates!).

Food - they prefer grass, but a good grass
hay should be available also; a field of tall
grass that looks good to us may be
over-mature with little nutrition and not very

Water - clean and always available.

Vitamins & minerals - as a block or loose,
or supplemental pellets, or both.

Companionship - at least one other
alpaca (even a llama is not the same for
them); 3 or more feels more like a herd
and therefore safer.

Shearing - once a year as well as
toe-trimming, vaccinations, deworming
when necessary. Do not deworm on a
schedule; run a fecal sample (or have your
vet do one) to determine whether or not
you actually have parasites.
All our alpacas are BVD negative.
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CGA Midnight Sonata      $300
DOB: 6/26/01
ARI: 832827
Sire: CGA Amante de Peru
Dam: Columbia Rivers' Marina
Two white suri males, beautiful fleece,
great temperaments.          

DOB: 7/2/12
Not registered, but DNA card available.
Sire: Grand Finale
Dam: Central Point Tika

Central Point Steamer
DOB: 7/20/10
ARI 31513517
Microchip 0A0128625D
Sire: Kahuna
Dam: Latin Latte
Most of our breeding females can be sold without
registration papers in a less expensive package:
Mix and Match,
Suris and/or Huacayas: 3/$1200