Alpaca Fiber Study by AOBA

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An Overview of the AOBA Alpaca Fiber Study
What we can say about alpaca fiber:

Alpaca is flame resistant, meeting the standards of
the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's rigid
testing specifications as a Class 1 fiber for use in
clothing and furnishings.

Alpaca is water resistant, making spills easy to clean
up before water saturates the fiber allowing stain to
develop. It is also absorbent to oils, meaning that
the oils do not penetrate the fibers, but merely cling
to the fiber for easy cleaning without harsh

Alpaca is resistant to external water penetration like
wool, but can slowly wick away perspiration
because of its unique ability in moisture regain.
These factors are what makes alpaca feel lighter
than wool, but warmer than cotton in cool, damp

Alpaca is free of lanolin, and thus can be processed
without the need for high temperatures or harsh
chemicals in washing.

Alpaca is a natural renewable fiber with a wide
range of applications.
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About alpaca fleece:

The blanket (back and sides) is the prime fiber area.

The neck and upper legs (seconds) produce fiber that is usually
shorter and less uniform - but still spinnable.

Our fleeces are raw (unwashed), clean, and skirted, unless otherwise

Huacaya fleece is similar to wool, with possibly a little less elasticity,
but finer with a better hand.

Suri fleece is straight and silky, highly lustrous, with no elasticity but a
beautiful drape.

Alpaca fleece contains virtually no grease; you will probably lose less
than 5% of the weight after washing (so it's not as expensive
compared to sheep's wool as it seems).
Everybody loves alpaca!
Free eBook:
A Guide to Spinning Alpaca.

From SpinOff Magazine:
Download a
free guide to
spinning wool, focusing on
Border Leicester, Wensleydale,
and Jacob wool.

Watch a video on hand-carding:
"Is Alpaca the new luxury
textile?" asks this article.
Well, of course - except
that alpaca as luxury fiber
is 6000 years old.
Even in the Northern
Hemisphere, it's 200 years
old as a commercial fiber.
From SpinOff magazine:

"Suri and huacaya fleeces spin
somewhat differently, but this is
less significant than the general
nature of alpaca.
It is relatively long-fibered and
easy to spin, but tends to yield a
yarn that is dense and very warm,
making it an excellent choice to
spin fine for lace or lightweight
It requires more twists per inch
because the fibers are smooth,
unlike wool...
Alpaca will felt enthusiastically..."
Our fleece, roving, and yarn is on consignment at
Alpacas of Oregon in Sherwood: 503-348-6954 (huacaya)
and Alpaca Fancy in Eugene: 805-680-7920 (suri)